4 Reasons Why You Need to Buy A UV Shield by YouVeeShield™ Besides the UPF rating of 50+


Your Customers LOVE Gel Manicures

Now women all over the world are treating their nails as a fashion accessory, and they look to you to create those unique and beautiful gel nails. Not only does this mean new clients, but it offers you a piece of a monumental global business opportunity, and the media is buzzing!

And being a darling of the media stimulates a continuous debate about the effects of UV Lamps designed to cure gel polishes ---- for some clients this means a real distraction at the manicure table that gets in the way of the reason they come --- feeling beautiful and looking fabulous, sporting gorgeous hands and feet! 

Place the YouVeeShield Dispenser Envelop at YOUR Fingertips

Now YOU can make the choice to shield your customer’s hands the moment you begin the service! With YouVeeShield you’ll change the conversation back to the reason they came to you….unique and beautiful nails.  YouVeeShield, a UV Shield/Glove that WORKS!


And start changing the conversation at YOUR table


A 5-Step Guide To The Perfect Cure

Includes a range of UV lamps and gel systems 

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