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"Hand To Hand With YouVeeShield" Questions From Our Customers!

We have been receiving more and more questions not only regarding the effectiveness of YouVeeShield but questions concerning UVA radiation, the nail lamps themselves and the proper use of these gel systems. We will be posting these questions from time to time along with our responses so that all of our customers can be more informed before they return to the salon for their next gel manicure or gel pedicure.

"Hi, Can you tell me if the UV protection in the gloves diminishes over time and use? Thank you." The customer added "I understand that your gloves are not re-useable, but why is that? Do the gloves have a UV-protection chemical in them, or do they simply protect against UV because they’re impenetrable plastic? If they have a UV protective chemical in them, does it wear off? Or, does the UV lamp destroy the protective element?"

Although our response is lengthly, it's worth the read. Remember, you are protecting the skin on your hands, a telltale sign of your age. Just think about all the products you use to protect the rest of your skin, especially your face and then think about what it will be like in 10 to 20 years when the damage becomes apparent and your hands look older than your face or than you even are! And you young girls in your teens and twenties who think who cares in 10 to 20 will care! There are so many fabulously beautiful women in their 40's and 50's. You must protect your skin today!

As for the gloves being reusable - If you are a customer bringing in the shields to the salon, yes, you can re-use them. Eventually, they will tear and more importantly, their elasticity which enables the shields to stay under the cuticle of the finger therefore protecting as much skin as possible, will be compromised. If you were dispensing YVS in a salon, you could only use them once because you can’t share something used by another customer.​

YouVeeShield is infused with titanium dioxide. We have two independent labs verifying our level of protection, including an UPF 50+ certificate. It would be the white plastic that would contribute to the physical barrier of protection along with the titanium dioxide. (The material is made here in the US and is used specifically for UV protection in other industries) Titanium dioxide on its on does not block the full spectrum of UVA radiation, something you may want to consider when picking a sunscreen. The titanium dioxide does not wear off the shield, to my knowledge, however, we have not tested YouVeeShield for multiple uses because of their intended one time usage. The UV lamp would not, either, destroy the protection but again, this is a guess and over time, who knows. It would have to be so many uses that the shield would most likely not even be intact by the time you reached this stage.

Most of the fingerless gloves that are sold currently do not contain an added chemical to block the UV light. The fingerless gloves currently used rely on the fabric composition itself to block the UV light, one of the reasons I decided to have them tested because fabric itself does not always block effectively UVA radiation. Of course, it would follow washing the gloves (especially in scalding water & bleach) will eventually loosen the weave of the material, etc. making the use of these gloves not a viable solution in a nail salon setting as they would have to be washed and bleached after each use. As for the individual user of these fingerless gloves commonly used, they would have to rely on the manufacturer to provide information on why their gloves block a certain percentage of UV light and most of them do not provide this information or it is exaggerated. The ones that claim to have an UPF certificate of some sort are not able to procure this certificate. Ours is published on our website. The results of our tests can be found at

There are gloves that do have a chemical added to the material but these tend to be very expensive and are not the ones commonly used by customers or the nail salons If the customer did happen to bring a pair of fingerless gloves that contained a chemical, the washing with some detergents (& bleach) will diminish their effectiveness too. You will not know when this occurs or starts to occur making any level of protection questionable.\

That’s why I invented YouVeeShield! Thank you so very much for your thoughtful question!

Renee Albera

CEO & Founder

YouVeeShield LLC

Hand to Hand With YouVeeShield is our platform to share information with you in order to keep your skin looking beautiful longer. We welcome any questions and we will do our best to answer every one.

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