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"Can Nail Salons Be Liable if Their Employees Don't Follow The Manufacturer's Instructions"

I've been saying this for years! When my hands first showed massive signs of skin damage and I realized it was from the nail lamps, I was super upset! I researched everything I could regarding the lamps. I wanted to follow the Professional Beauty Associations recommendation of "following the instructions" that they said was imperative. Then, I realized, it was impossible to actually find the nail lamp instructions. So, I bought the nail lamps. This was the only way to determine how a gel service was supposed to be performed.

When I realized no one was "following the instructions," I saw an opportunity to pursue legal action against the nail salon who's employee had not only over cured my gel polish thus exposing me to even more UVA radiation than was determined to be safe but they did not account for the fact that I might have been photosensitive, which I was. The issue of the possibility of a customer being photosensitive is addressed in all the literature pertaining to the lamps, yet no one was paying attention. It is clearly stated that if a customer is photosensitive they must protect their skin or not use the lamp.

I loved gel manicures too much to abandon them so I invented YouVeeShield. Now, 4 years later, a discussion has finally started. As skin damage does not necessarily manifest until years after exposure, we won't know for years the real damage that has occurred.

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