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  • YouVeeShield has been certified to block 99 % of the UV light with a UPF 50+ certificate issued by Solar Light Company.

  • The .003 inch shield is made of FDA- approved materials including titanium dioxide, giving the shield it's white color and UV blocking capabilities.

  • UPF 50+ Certification from Solar Light Company

  • Light Measurement Specialist George Richardson at G&R Labs has confirmed that YouVeeShield blocks 99% of UV Light emitted from the UV/LED Lamps examined. The reflections from the glove at 365nm (UVA) are negligible for both the LED and UV Lamp sources. Read: the light is not "bouncing" out of the lamp because of the Shield.

  • Learn more by reading these supporting documents.

What The Gel Is Right

Fingerless Gloves JUst Don't Cut it!



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Renee Albera got her first gel manicure in 2012, and loved it. It was long lasting (two weeks) and dried instantly - heaven!  However, one day she noticed sunspots all over her hands. Then she learned the lamps used to cure the gel emit UVA light and each gel manicure was equivalent to being in the direct sun for approximately 20 to 40 minutes unprotected.  Now what?


Loving gel manicures, she tried to think of ways to protect her skin and despite looking for available solutions to the UVA exposure (sunscreen, fingerless gloves), nothing adequate currently existed in the marketplace that provided the necessary protection.


Determined to make gel manicures safer, she started her research, hired an engineer from Silicon Valley to create a shield that covered the skin on the top of the hand, as well as a portion of the wrist. In 2014, YouVeeShield was born.



My Hands After Getting Gel Manicures without Protection & Today   I Still Get Gel Manicures Using YVS



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