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YouVeeShield on NBC's Today Show!

"Bobbie's Buzz: Nail trends, tools and tips that you'll use all summer long"

YouVeeShield Featured in Vogue China

These Gloves Will Keep Your Skin Safe During Gel Manis

"Can your gel manicure really kill you?"

This Bizarre-looking glove could be your Gel-Manicure Savior

"Are Gel Manicure Lamps Bad

For Your Skin?"

"Hot Beauty Trends for Spring"

Beauty Breakthroughs

"Are Gel Manicures Safe?

 What to Know About UV,

Skin Cancer Risk"


Gel Nails/12 Things

You Need To Know

About Gel Manicures


This weird gel-manicure glove could protect your hands from harmful UV light.

UV Light-Protection Glove Will Make Your Gel Manicure Much Less Damaging

"Are Gel Manicures Any Safer

Now Than They Were A few Years Ago?"

"Three Major Risks of Gel Manicures &

How To Prevent Them"

"8 Things You Should Know Before getting a Gel Manicure"

"YouVeeShield" - Good Day Sacramento

"Check This Out, YouVeeShield Gloves!"

"UV Protection for the Cautious"

"Doctors warn that gel manicures using UV lights could increase risk of cancer"

YouVeeShield Featured on Skin Inc. 

        "Feel The Glove" Building Blocks"

"8 beauty breakthroughs you've never heard of"


    Building            Blocks

"Why You May Want to Stock Theese YouVeeShieds at Your Salon"

YouVeeShield featured in The Nail Hub

"How Bad Are UV Manicure

Lights For You Really?"

Gel Manicures: Are the Lights Safe?

"Are The Lamps Safe?"

Dr. Chris Adigun

"Gel Manicure Safety: Ask the Pro Recommends YouVeeShield"

"Introducing YouVeeShield: Powerful Skin Protectors for UV Nail Services"

"Finally A Shield That Truly 

Protects Your Skin"

Beauty Breakthroughs

"YouVeeShield Launches

"The Shield"

"I Love My Gel Manicures!

But Should I Worry?"

Dr. Jacquelyn Dosal

Manicura permanente, ¿cómo combatir sus peligros sin renunciar a ella?

"TIP: Protect Your Clients Skin During Gel Services"

YouVeeShield Featured in

"Gel manicure safety: Protect the skin with new nail care product"

YouVeeShield Featured in Beauty Hair Ideas


YouVeeShield Featured in Beauty Industry Report

"STUDY: The Risks of Getting a Gel Manicure"


Top 5 Best anti uv gloves for sale 2016

Why We Need YouVeeShield

YouVeeShield Featured in Skin Inc.

Kicking It With Kelly

"Love Gel Nails? Protect

Yourself From Those Harmful 

UV Lamps"


YouVeeShield The Next Level of Beauty

YouVeeShield Featured at

Why Women Who Get Gel Nails Need YouVeeShield

"Risk Free Gel Manicures

With YouVeeShield

"Love Gel manicures?

Meet YouVeeShield!"


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