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but afraid of UV radiation?


Love Gel Nails

introducing youveeshield

Certified to block 99% of UV light!

Simply slip it over your hand to protect you from pre-mature age spots and wrinkles!

Now you can get gel nails as often as you like without the worry of age spots And wrinkles!
As seen on

YouVeeShield on NBC's Today Show!

These Gloves Will Keep Your Skin Safe During Gel Manis

"Bobbie's Buzz: Nail trends, tools and tips that you'll use all summer long"

This Bizarre-looking glove could be your Gel-Manicure Savior

UV Light-Protection Glove Will Make Your Gel Manicure Much Less Damaging

YouVeeShield Featured in Vogue China

This weird gel-manicure glove could protect your hands from harmful UV light.

"Can your gel manicure really kill you?"

Order now and use coupon code: fall 2016 to receive 15% off your order today!
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