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UV Gloves for Gel Services-Anti UV Gloves

I have wondered how much UV is actually blocked by the fingerless cotton gloves, as many of the manufacturers of these gloves do not list a percentage or the fabric the gloves are made of. As we know, not all fabrics effectively block UV light. I had several of these gloves tested at Solar Light Company, Inc. located in Glenside, PA, a company which tests fabrics and materials to establish their UPF value or how much UV they actually block. The results are surprising…

For Pro – 86.7% of UVA Royal Nails – 90.4% Escali – 94.5% Salon Edge – 93.5% USpicy – 95.4% GlamUp- 95.4%

The above numbers reflect gloves that have not been washed. After only 10 washes, these numbers are even lower.

YouVeeShield, however, scored 99.8% and was given an UPF Rating of 50+. I will be publishing our certificate shortly on our website

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