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"Will Getting Gel Manicures Damage My Skin?"

Well, that's easy enough to answer - of course it will! How can I be so sure you ask? Because the nail lamps (BOTH - LED & UV nail lamps) emit UVA radiation in order to dry the gel polish. It's a fact UVA radiation exposure prematurely ages our skin. Whether this exposure is "a lot" or " a little", it will still damage your skin. There is no way around this unless you protect your skin while it is under the nail lamp. YouVeeShield does this easily, inexpensively & effectively.

Why does the beauty industry continually state the nail lamps are "safe"? Well, that's a little harder to answer because if they were really concerned with the appearance of your skin, they would of stated they are safe but you must protect your skin during it's exposure to the UVA radiation. They say this all the time when they want you to purchase make-up with sunscreen in it, right? Why would this be any different?

You might be wondering why you can't use sunscreen and that's a good question. The easiest explanation is sunscreen can interfere with the gel polish curing properly. This is bad for many reasons and I will address this in my next post.

Just like when we go outside, we're normally not afraid of the sun. Most of us do protect our skin if we're smart. It's the same thing with the nail lamps.

Protect your skin with YouVeeShield to insure you are not exposed to UVA radiation during a beauty service.

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