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“Can I Use Sunscreen To Protect MY Skin During Gel Manicures?”

While everyone recommends using sunscreen to protect the skin during gel manicures, this isn’t a viable solution.

The easiest way to understand this is to think about when you would apply the sunscreen. If you put it on before going to the nail salon, would the sunscreen withstand acetone and hand washing? How much sunscreen left is a guess. If you put it on right before your polish was applied, you would have to wait 20 minutes, as per the instructions on the bottle.

Sunscreen is also considered a contaminant. This means if any sunscreen gets on the nail bed, the gel polish will not cure properly. Even if the nail technician “removes” the sunscreen from the nail bed, it still can cause contamination. Anyone who has gotten extensions knows after washing the hair, your stylist will not apply conditioner because even if removed, it changes the consistency of the hair making the likelihood of the extensions not holding a possibility. Same thing here.

Improperly cured polish can lead to your polish not staying on as long meaning you will have to return to the nail salon sooner than planned. Improperly cured polish is also responsible for thousands of nail techs becoming allergic to gel products and many customers too. Unfortunately, one doesn’t always associate the allergic reaction to their gel manicure.

According to Dr. Chris Adigun, celebrated dermatologist from North Carolina, sunscreen has not been tested under a light source 1 cm above the skin. These light sources (UV/LED nail lamps), have been determined to emit 4.2 times more energy between 355 nm and 385 nm than the sun. Another reason to question the efficacy of sunscreen.

If sunscreen worked, I would of never invented YouVeeShield. YouVeeShield works every time, easily, effectively and inexpensively.

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