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Protect The Health & Wellness of Your Skin With YouVeeShield

If you knew you were going to spend more time in the hot, blistering sun, would you slather on sunscreen? Every gel manicure is equal to approximately 15 to 40 minutes of sun light, an amount most of us would think is considerable.

Gel polish has revolutionized the nail industry helping make it a 8 billion dollar market last year according to Nails big book published by Nails Magazine. Eighty-five percent of customers are getting gel manicures and this number has been estimated to continue to increase until at least 2020!

But what about the UV light? Is the amount of UV radiation one is exposed to during a gel manicure or gel pedicure enough to harm our skin? Why are we even asking this question???

Certainly, the beauty industry has done a great deal to convince us the UV nail lamps emit “so little” UV radiation, it is insignificant. What strikes me as odd, however, is why then do they insist on putting UV protection in all of the other products we need to protect the health and wellness of our skin? And wouldn’t it be safe to assume, even a small amount of UV radiation, occurring every two weeks for years might add up to “a lot” of UV radiation?

It’s one thing to convince a consumer to purchase a cream that will make us look years younger. As most of us know by now, there is no such cream available. So, we are out the $500.00 perhaps we spent, but in the end, that is all we lose. However, being convinced the UV emitted from the UV nail lamps is insignificant, now we are talking about serious consequences if this is not “exactly” true.

We all already know UV exposure should be limited, as the UV light is harmful to our skin. We need to all stop letting an industry manipulate the facts to make the exposure seem benign. I am happy to show anyone how this was done. Or, we can just be smart and shield our skin. YouVeeShield is the only product that can do this easily, effectively and inexpensively. think health beauty

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