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"Monetizing Protection in Gel Services is the Next "Big Thing!"

The methods used to measure the UVA radiation emitted from the nail lamps mitigate the amount of UVA radiation being emitted because the applicable lighting Standards (ANSI/IESNARP-27 series) are outdated. When initially written, it was believed UVB radiation was the wavelength that was the most dangerous and therefore, the Standards use UVB dominant weighting functions which subsequently, significantly suppress the presence of the UVA radiation.

Even so, the nail lamps still fell into the Risk 2 category of lighting systems – the highest risk category allowed to be used by the general public in unsupervised conditions.

These Standards also point out there are no safe exposure limits for an individual who is photosensitive. They go on to state a person may or may not be aware of this sensitivity and that any exposure can exasperate damage to the skin.

It turns out, the lamp manufacturer’s instructions, as well, warn of this complication. It is now the responsibility of the nail salon to pay heed to this warning. According to Doug Schoon, Co-Chair of the Nail Manufacturers Council,

“Nail technicians should heed ALL manufacturers warnings and follow ALL directions and recommendations. That is their professional responsibility. I have served as an expert witness in legal matters related to salons for more than 20 years, and in every case that I've seen where the nail technician was found at fault, is was always because they didn't do this.”

How is it possible that in all other circumstances, it is stated one must protect their skin when it is exposed to UV light but somehow, the UVA light being emitted from the nail lamps is benign? And why isn’t the cumulative nature of UV damage taken into consideration – a little eventually becomes a lot…

But, it’s not a little. It’s already a lot. Add to this the possibility of a photosensitivity and the result of endless amounts of damaged skin is just around the corner.

Or nail salons can be smart and introduce YouVeeShield as protection. Monetizing protection introduces another revenue stream, it protects the salon owners and the customers.

It’s a win-win.

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