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"Are LED Nail Lamps Safer Than UV Nail Lamps?"

Nail technicians, media and doctors are still telling people LED nail lamps are safer than UV nail lamps. Many nail salons even tell customers LED nail lamps do not emit UVA radiation.

It's important that you realize the LED nail lamps do emit UVA radiation because UVA radiation causes premature aging. Who wants to get a beauty treatment that causes premature aging???

Doug Schoon, internationally recognized scientist and Co-Chair of the Nail Manufacturer's Council had this to say -

"“Scientific studies have demonstrated that LED nail lamps produce MORE UV than fluorescent style nail lamps. However, skin exposure is for a shorter length of time, therefore no significant difference exists between LED and fluorescent nail lamps in terms of skin exposure to UV… one is NOT safer than another. Anyone saying otherwise doesn’t understand all the facts.”


“It’s a misunderstanding to believe that something called “LED” cures nail coatings better and safer than UV… that’s completely wrong and I wish certain doctors who pretend to be nail salon experts would stop spreading this and other misinformation to clients and the media.”

I know there are hundreds of things that are harming us. But our hands tell our age as much as our face does. And no one wants to look older than they are.

YouVeeShield simply eliminates this exposure.

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