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IMPORTANT Sunscreen Information

It is not only important to note the Nail Manufacturers Council recommends against using sunscreen on a customers hands who feel compelled to block the UV light but you must remember several factors when even choosing the right sunscreen if you have decided not to heed these guidelines -

1. The SPF measurement determines the amount of UVB rays that are blocked by the product only. As the UV lamps emit only UVA rays, this is not a guideline you should use.

2. Although the FDA has proposed a rating system that lets you know how well a sunscreen blocks UVA, it has not been approved yet. You are now left with the chore of determining if the ingredients contained in the sunscreen will work for this purpose.

3. Avobenzone, a common ingredient known to block UVA light and also disseminate the pasty white look of many broad spectrum sunscreens, actually breaks down in sunlight. To be fair, most agree that the loss of effectiveness of this chemical happens after an hour of UV exposure, but the loss is significant -from 50 to 90%! Do you want to be calculating at what point this loss is an issue? Conversely, Titanium and Zinc, also found in broad spectrum sunscreens, are ground up to make them appear less “white” and a portion of their UVA protection is lost additionally because of this. Is there no end to this madness?

Well… actually… there is. YouVeeShield. Not one of these concerns need be one of your concerns, if you just use a YouVeeShield during your service. Don’t zinc about it, use it!


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