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REDPR is Really GOOD!!! See below, not even a full day after Press Release!!!

Nailpro, “Why You May want To Stock These YouVeeShield Shields in Your Salon”,

We have established that UV and LED lamps are not harmful to you or your clients – no more so than walking around in regular, everyday sunlight. While it’s important that you educate your clients and even print out this study for them to read in your salon, some clients might still be uneasy about going under your lamp. If no amount of research will change their minds, don’t resort to using sunscreen. Sunscreen is greasy and can prevent gels from bonding to nails as strongly, which compromises the length your product will last on clients. Instead, pull out the YouVeeShield – an easy-to-use disposable “cape” for hands and feet that is said to block 99.9% of all UV light from nail lamps. Made with titanium dioxide (a chemical often found in sunscreen and makeup), these shields fit over both fingers and toes and store easily in your nail drawer so that you can pull them out whenever needed.

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