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Each gel service is equal spending 40 minutes in the sun. Many customers either use sunscreen, a messy and time consuming choice (you must wait 15 minutes after applying) or the fingerless gloves which you must remember to bring with you each time. I purchased several of the most popular brands of these gloves to see just how much UV they block. On most of the packaging the manufacturers did not list the percentage of UV being blocked or the material the glove was made of, so I had them tested. The results are as follows;

ForPro-86.7% USpicy-95.4% OC Nails-97% GlamUp-95.8% Salon Edge-96% Royal Nails-90.4% Escali-94.5%

These percentages reflect the amount before they have been washed a few times. Each time they are washed, the effectiveness of the glove diminishes further. The percentages may seem small however, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the lower percentages make a big difference! Some of the gloves shrink, additionally. OC Nails glove, which starts off blocking more light than most, shrinks enough after washing that your wrist ends up being exposed. This is not good due to the amount of light that comes out of the lamps, your wrist must also be protected.

YouVeeShield has a UPF Certificate with a 50+ rating. Additionally, YVS blocks 99.96% of the UV emitted. We are happy to supply you with these certificates.

We all go outside even though there is plenty of UV there! If we care about the health of our skin, we make sure it is SHIELDED properly. YouVeeShield is the only choice to do this during your gel services. Insist your salon provides you your UV SHIELD Glove at each service. In years to come, when skin damage becomes evident, you will be glad you did!

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