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“The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Position Regarding UVR-Emitting Nail Lamps”

I often wondered how it was possible every nail salon I walk into tells me the LED lamp they use does not use UV to cure their gel polishes. Nail salon owners and the nail professionals that work for them have a responsibility to understand how these lamps work. It is really unfortunate that most of them do not and the customer, unknowingly, ends up getting exposed to UVA radiation they were told did was not emitted from the lamp. As bad as that is, when I read even the Skin Cancer Foundation could not be bothered to research whether the LED lamps used UVA light,I understood why this misperception is so widely spread. There is enough scientific information published that will support the LED lamps use UV to cure gel polish. Unless the Skin Cancer Foundation has determined UVA radiation is no longer harmful to our skin, they need to retract this statement. I have brought it to there attention on numbers occasions. I wonder how long it will take??? “Typically, UVR-emitting nail lamps are used to set gel manicures. Some nail lamps emit LED light, which is not dangerous.” (Elizabeth K. Hale, MD, Vice-President, The Skin Cancer Foundation)

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