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Is Your Gel Manicure Putting You at Risk?

The no-chip life of a gel manicure has really attracted many women over the last few years. Salons are popping up faster than Starbucks with 85% of customers asking for these manicures. These long lasting manicures are created by curing your nails under an UV or LED lamp both which use UVA light to dry the gel. The short curing times associated with these manicures (6 minutes using an UV lamp and 2 minutes using a LED lamp approximately) make it difficult for many to understand these short time frames are equal to approximately 21 to 37.5 minutes of equivalent sunlight, an amount many would consider considerable! Additionally and rarely noted is the fact that any photosensitivity to light makes limiting any UV exposure imperative. You can be photosensitive because you have light skin or the perfume you are wearing makes you photosensitive. There are literally 100’s of substances either applied or swallowed that can make one sensitive to light.

Many experts recommend applying sunscreen, however, they do not mention sunscreen needs to be applied 20 minutes before UV exposure. Not all sunscreens even block UVA radiation, making this choice cumbersome and too much work! Fingerless gloves, sound en masse from China, give you very little information about how much UV they really block. Washing these gloves diminishes their effectiveness over time, as well, how fast and when this happens is impossible to determine.

There is but one solution to this issue and that is YouVeeShield! Recently featured on the Today Show in the Bobby’s Buzz segment, YouVeeShield is a disposable anti uv-shield that blocks 99.9% of the UV and it works on the hands and the feet. Why risk the health of your skin during what is considered a beauty service? YouVeeShield, a uv glove for gel manicures, is the right choice that works!


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