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Using Different UV Gel Brands on the Same Client

Every time I go to a nail salon and ask which UV nail lamp is being used to cure which polish, I am met with a blank stare...How can this be when these systems are scientifically formulated to work under a "certain" set of conditions, without which, will result in the improper curing of the gel polish. Why does this matter...first, you may become skin sensitive to gels, losing your ability to get gels forever after...(that sounds harsh) but true. Additionally, because the nail professional no longer knows how long to "cure the gel", they guess longer...which ends up not only ruining your nails but your skin because the safe exposure limits of UV radiation have already been determined based on the allotted times the manufacturers (and their scientists) already deemed necessary.

Huh??? I can repeat what Doug Schoon said in his 61st. Episode of Face to Face with Doug Schoon but even though Mr. Schoon explains everything very simplistically (considering he is a scientist) it still may be confusing to some of us. To make things simply, make sure the gel polish that is from a particular manufacturer, i.e.CND, is being cured with a lamp CND manufactured. You can look up the exact amount of curing times necessary for each coat of gel polish on my website under "the Guide to a Perfect Cure" or you can go to each of the websites of the individual manufacturers and decipher how long each coat is supposed to be cured. (meaning how long your hand is in the lamp) Either way, insuring these instructions are followed will allow you to enjoy your beloved gel manicures for years to come...and for protecting your skin from the unnecessary UV radiation (even the "safe" amount), use YouVeeShield! think health beauty

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