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Make Sure Your Manicurist is Following the Rules of How to Properly Cure Your Gel Polish!

I've spoken to many women who believe the gel polish is ruining their nails. This is not true. It is the improper application and removal that ruins your nails.

To help make your gel mani's better, I will go through the correct curing times, the correct lamp & the correct product to be used of the most popular brands. Not all manufacturers of gel polish manufacture a lamp. That is unfortunate because you should stay away from those. Nail lamps are NOT universal no matter what your manicurist says. Each lamp is scientifically calibrated to properly cure the gel polish they have manufactured. There are no exceptions to this. Ever.

I will start with OPI, one of my favorites. OPI makes two lamps, an UV based lamp and a LED lamp. (As I have said before, the LED lamp cures with UV too)

OPI has made sure their polish will cure properly under both lamps, although this is not always the norm.

GELCOLOR by OPI Base coat

OPI LED Lamp 30 seconds

Axxium UV light 1 minute

(I can't tell you how many times I see the nail professional automatically putting the timer on for 1 minute. OPI does not make a polish at this time that cures for 1 minute. The 30 second/1 minute times were "deemed" safe under the applicable standards. By curing for 1 minute under a LED lamp your skin is being exposed to UV radiation that is equal to 3 TIMES the amount needed or safe!


OPI LED Lamp 30 seconds

Axxium UV Light 2 minutes

GEL COLOR by OPI Top coat.

OPI LED Lamp 30 seconds

Axxium UV light 3 minutes

Don't let your manicurist tell you she knows what she is doing or she has been doing this for years and years. Most do not read the directions that come with the lamp. I have these posted on our website Check it out to see what the consequences of improperly curing can be - "Severe chemical burns," is one of them, just to give you an idea!

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