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Do You WANT Your Hands to Look Older Than Your Face?

I started doing gel manicures right after they were introduced. They are amazing and I was hooked. About one year later, The photo wit the sun spots was what my hand looked like. I didn't realize I was photosensitive, just because I have light skin and blue eyes. I also did not realize the nail lamps were exposing me to UVA radiation, a leading cause of skin damage. BUT, I didn't want to give up the gel manicures either so after trying the various solutions suggested, i.e. sunscreen (you need to wait 15 minutes after applying before exposure & if applied before the manicure, it would be gone by the time the polish needed to be cured. There were fingerless gloves too available but when I tried to figure out just why these gloves block a significant about of UVA radiation, I discovered they didn't! And the ability to block the light diminishes with each wash! With no other options, I invented YouVeeShield.

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