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How Is It Possible to Sustain a Burn When Getting a Gel Manicure?

"I've had the worst burns on my hands , even on the lowest wattage and all the reviews I've seen have been fantastic so fingers crossed."

Burns??? You should find a new manicurist! Many of the nail professionals are not following the directions for the proper application of these gel polishes. I have a guide I made that will give the exact time each coat of gel polish should be cured for and what lamp to use with which gel polish. Most manicurist over-cure the polish (leave your hand in for longer than necessary) and this will contribute to the possibility of being burned. Also, super important, is to make sure the gel polish is being cured with the proper lamp. To make this easy, you should only use the nail lamp that the manufacturer of the gel polish recommends, which would be the one they made. So CND polish, CND lamp, OPI polish, OPI lamp. Your manicurist will probably tell you this is not necessary, however, on our website you can find the manufacturer’s directions for the nail lamps and they state this clearly. Not many places follow these rules but it will be worth it for you to find a place that does. You will notice if the directions are followed, your nails will be in much better shape as well. The gel polish doesn’t damage the nail like everyone thinks. It’s the improper application of the gel polish and using the wrong nail lamp that ruins your nails.

Guide -

Manufacturer’s Instructions -

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