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How can we insure our skin remains luminous, beautiful & healthy? We know one way is to limit the amount of UVA radiation it is exposed to. When we go outside, we protect our skin from the sun's UV light by wearing sunscreen. So, why aren't we protecting our skin when we are getting gel manicures? Is it because our nail professional is telling us we don't need to? Do you believe they have discovered information that differs from what the world already considers a fact, that UVA radiation contributes to prematurely aging our skin? I'm not trying to disparage nail professionals. They only repeat what they are being told by their distributors who repeat what they are being told by their manufacturers who repeat what they are being told by the beauty industry. But, you should know better. It's up to you to protect your skin during gel manicures & gel pedicures. And the only way to do that is with YouVeeShield. Buy yours today!

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