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New York Assembly Passes Bill to Have the Department of Health Exam UV Nail Lamps to Determine Their

What does this mean to nail salon owners and nail professionals?

The Department of Health is going to determine that the UVA exposure to the customer's skin is damaging the skin, of course. This is a given.

What will happen?

Customers will abandon gel manicures making all the time, expenses, and gel products obsolete.


Customers will expect their skin to be protected.

Decide to control this conversation now. Don't wait until the Department of Health does.

Here's the easy part-

1. There are over 100 substances either swallowed or applied that can make someone sensitive to UV exposure. Think perfume, make-up, medications (acne medicine...), etc. Anyone light sensitive must protect their skin. This is clearly stated in the manufacturer's instructions. Because it is impossible for a nail salon to determine the photosensitivity of their customers (when the customer might not even know!), we would like to provide YouVeeShield.

It's that simple.

2. Charge a dollar or two more.

What does this mean to nail salon owners and nail professionals?


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